Insatiable Minds

Any parent of a gifted child will tell you that their kids’ insatiable curiosity can be both amazing and overwhelming. It can be a challenge for a busy parent to ensure that the child’s hunger for learning is met. What to do?

 We’ve gathered some  links to child-friendly resources parents can use to feed those sponge-like minds! Each has been tested by CTD Research Director (and parent to gifted children), Dana Turner Thomson.

1. The Annenberg LearnerThis free, monthly newsletter is filled to the brim with timely historical facts, current events, and fun science articles, like “Why Snowflakes Have Six Sides.”

2. Let’s Explore: All kinds of hands-on, educational activities for big imaginations.

3. Here There Everywhere:  A current events site with stories for and about kids. “I often print out an article for them that I know they will enjoy and leave it by their breakfast bowls so they can ‘read the paper’ while having breakfast,” Dana says. (Check out this piece about two Canadian teenagers who sent a Lego man into space, while still managing to finish their homework.)

Looking for more? Stay tuned. We’ll continue to post resources here on Talent Talk, as well as on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

How do you feed your gifted child’s insatiable curiosity? Feel free to share links and resources that you enjoy.

2 responses

  1. Love it, thank you for these resources I’d never seen before! I was just laughing about the weight of the books I’m taking back and forth from the library lately… you hit the nail on the head with “amazing and overwhelming”… my poor back! :-)

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